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Most recently, my work explores the construction of identity within a postcolonial South African context, using cement and steel wool as my main materials

I recreate objects with embedded substances that compromise the structural integrity of the material. I involve processes that allow the pieces to deliberately fall apart, rendering them useless so that they exist as a ruin or remnant of the original object.

As these pieces sit in a state of composition and decomposition, balance and imbalance, they speak to my own feeling of precariousness today.


In this body of work, the reference to specific inherited objects and my translation of them, resonates for me with the tensions inherent to my own colonial heritage. In turn this work becomes an autobiography of sorts, a way to understand the complexities of my environment and my place in it.



I am a conceptual artist based in

Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Originally from the flat plains of the Orange Free State, Bloemfontein, born in 1996, two years after the final collapse of the Apartheid system. 

I am currently a Masters student at Stellenbosch University where I mainly work sculpturally.

Nericke Labuschagne


061 369 8478

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